Lawn Care Services in Lake Worth

Every property owner wants a beautiful lawn, but not everyone has the time, equipment, or patience to make their vision a reality. Hiring a professional lawn care team will help you make the most of your green space, be it commercial or residential. Caring for your lawn will increase its health and beauty and boost the value of your property overall.

The experts at Nunez Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc. have been caring for unique properties in the Lake Worth area for many years, and we look forward to working with you.

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A Comprehensive Range of Lawn Care Services

There is a lot that goes into creating and maintaining a healthy and thriving greenspace. Over the years, Nunez Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc. has worked hard to grow our business, and today we are proud to offer our valued clients a wide range of lawn care services.

In short, we will work as hard to grow your lawn as hard as we will grow our business. Ensuring our clients' lawns are always growing strong is the key to our success. Our clients come to us because they know there will be no guesswork involved when they do.

Our services include:

  • Mowing
  • Trimming trees
  • Pruning bushes
  • Planting and maintaining flower gardens
  • Sweeping hardscapes
  • Aeration
  • Seeding
  • Fertilization
  • Insect control
  • Disease control
  • And so much more

Are you unsure of what kind of lawn care services your property could benefit from? No problem. Our experts can conduct a nuanced, on-site assessment. We will survey the health of your grass, plants, and trees and determine what services would help your greenspace look better than ever before.

Increase Your Real Estate Opportunities with Lawn Care

If you are looking to put your home on the market, you may underestimate the impression your exterior property will have on potential buyers. No matter how beautiful or newly-renovated your home is, a house on a brown lawn will not do well in the competitive housing market as a home on a beautifully landscaped property.

Investing in regular or one-time lawn care will help you to increase the overall value of your home or business property and entice buyers when the time comes to sell.

When we first come to your property, we will make a professional assessment of the state of your grass so we can set out a plan for lawn upkeep or improvement.

If you look at your lawn and see that you need professional help, you can give us a call to see which of our services will benefit your grass the most.

With our lawn care services, you can:

  • Boost your curb appeal
  • Increase property value
  • Improve livability
  • Prevent pest infestations
  • Enjoy a safer, greener lawn

Whenever you have our team on the scene helping you with the health of your grass, you can be positive that progress is up ahead.

Having your lawn looking good is critical for improving the way your property looks, and a good-looking property is always preferred.

Hire our experts, and you'll see what lawn care means.

Experts in Local Lawn Care

When you need lawn care, look no further than Nunez Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc.. Years of experience, training, and dedication make us the local area’s leading lawn care team. We work with patience and diligence, care and attention, to deliver the highest standard of lawn care available.

We are a team of professionals renowned for our workmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our knowledge of local horticultural conditions ensures we always do the job right, giving your lawn just what it needs to grow lush and green. From irrigation to mowing and seeding, we have all your bases covered.

As a client of Nunez Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc., you can expect:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Prompt service
  • Thorough lawn care inspections
  • Comprehensive solutions
  • Budget-friendly service
  • Tailored results
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Part of being the area's best lawn care professional is providing a client experience that is second to none. We promise that every encounter and engagement you have with us will be productive and positive. One of the pillars of our business philosophy is clear communication with clients. Throughout working with us, you will never feel out of the loop or that we are acting on things you don't know about. We will keep you apprised with updates and progress reports throughout the lawn care process and explain anything to you that you need help understanding.

Improve Your Business's Landscape

Like it or not, your clients will form an opinion of your business based on its appearance, so you want to ensure that you put your best foot forward. Maintaining a clean, tidy, and impressive commercial property isn't easy, but with the right help at hand, it can be a breeze.

We can mow your lawn, deadhead your flowers, sweep your entryways, and create a welcoming atmosphere. Our complete range of services ensures your yard gets the total makeover it deserves, giving your business what it needs to stand apart. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from our professional commercial lawn care services. Whether you manage an office complex, a storefront, or leisure facilities, you can count on us to maintain your grounds to your liking.

With our experts by your side, you're sure to impress new and returning customers.

Lawn Care Services Your Way

Many of our clients lead busy lives, and we want to go above and beyond to accommodate you as best we can. We can work around your schedule and deliver your lawn care service at your convenience.

We develop tailored solutions to meet our clients’ individual needs. When you choose us, we work with you to ensure our services stay convenient to you. Our experts promise to take great care of your property. We will listen to your instructions and utilize specific products and techniques upon your request.

We are also used to accommodating various budgets, so don't be afraid to let us know yours!

Reach Our Superior Lawn Care Experts Today

Maintaining your landscape can be an uphill battle. From lawn mowing to weed control, there are many factors that contribute to the overall health and visual appeal of your property. Luckily, Nunez Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc. is here to help lighten your load with a comprehensive offering of lawn maintenance services. Our experienced and passionate staff are experts on lawn care, and we aim to provide fantastic landscapes.

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Regularly Scheduled Lawn Care Services

Whether you need us for a one-time job or routine lawn maintenance, we are happy to accommodate you. Take the guesswork and hassle out of your lawn care by letting us handle of all the details. We will make sure your lawn gets the attention it needs in a timely manner. Staying on top of your lawn maintenance with routine upkeep will cause less stress on your yard and help you achieve a beautiful and vibrant property.

Residential Lawn Maintenance

Give you home some extra curb appeal with lawn care services from Nunez Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc.. We are experts in residential lawn care, and we have what it takes to make your property breathtaking. We provide a wide range of residential landscaping services that will help you achieve a lush and healthy lawn that is sure to provide a valuable addition to your home.

Save time on lawn care with professional services tailored to your needs. We offer comprehensive service solutions to help you take the stress out of lawn care. Whether you need re-seeding, aeration, or weekly mowing, you can count on us as your landscaper of choice.

Commercial Lawn Care Services

We also pride ourselves in our superb commercial landscaping work. Make your property eye-catching and functional with our breadth of valuable lawn care. A beautiful green lawn is a great way to make your business more inviting and impressive to your client base. Let us handle your lawn maintenance so you can focus on running your business.

No matter how extensive the lawns and gardens surrounding your commercial compound are, we are prepared for the job. Set up a landscaping schedule with us, and every week our team will come by to take care of your grass, keep it manicured, and ensure its health is improved. Having our crew buzzing around your property, hard at work, is always a good look.

Our landscaping professionals will be sporting all the correct PPE and operating their equipment with professional expertise. Anyone who sees us working on your property will know that you are a property owner that puts great care into the appearance of your property.

Take Advantage of Our Efficient Lawn Care

Not only do we offer lawn care services, but we also work diligently to make sure your job is completed quickly. Get the exceptional landscape you have been dreaming of without too much interruption to your property, thanks to our prompt and professional work. Over our time in business, we have developed a workflow that allows us to expertly service any property in a respectable time frame.

No matter how extensive the lawns and gardens surrounding your commercial compound are, we are prepared for the job. Set up a landscaping schedule with us, and every week our team will come by to take care of your grass, keep it manicured, and ensure its health is improved. Having our crew buzzing around your property, hard at work, is always a good look.

Our landscaping professionals will be sporting all the correct PPE and operating their equipment with professional expertise. Anyone who sees us working on your property will know that you are a property owner that puts great care into the appearance of your property.

Dedication to Customer Service

Our company was founded with the goal of providing client-focused landscaping services to our community. We carry the same high standard of quality to every job we take. For us, no job is complete until you are totally satisfied with the state of your property. Our many return customers will agree that we go the extra mile to provide friendly, dependable, and quality landscaping.

We attribute consistently attaining a high standard of work to great customer service. You can also feel free to ask us any questions that you need, and our team will be there to help you understand anything. We are very flexible to your needs too, which means that any adjustments to our work on your property can be made. Ultimately, we work for our clients. Our job is to keep you and your grass happy. If that's the kind of service you have been looking for, give us a call right away to get started.

Proper Lawn Mowing Procedures

We know how important it is for your lawn care company to be experienced in the art of lawn mowing. It’s not as easy as it seems to mow the grass so that it grows back lush and thick. We’re committed to only offering the highest quality lawn services, which is why we always keep our team running as perfectly as possible. We ensure the quality of every lawn care service by hiring only the best lawn specialists in the area.

We screen our technicians to ensure they have the proper training, experience with the equipment, and attention to detail required for a perfectly groomed lawn. We also provide them with the relevant education to ensure they adopt the proper measures, such as grass height length, correct patterns, and equipment maintenance. For us, it’s not just about making sure your grass looks great when we’re finished—we also want to promote your grass’s health in the long term.

Mowing the perfect lawn takes skill, attention to detail, and experience. Luckily, our team has all these qualities in spades. Book a lawn care appointment for your home or business to get the best mowing team around!

Premier Lawn Edging

When you’ve invested in the health and beauty of your lawn, you want to make sure this investment stands out. We regularly see gorgeous lawns that are mowed perfectly but unedged, making the transition from grass to garden or hardscape element messy and unprofessional. You can maximize your lawn's visual effect by getting a lawn care team that edges your grass properly.

Edging is a method good landscapers use to accentuate the beauty of your green lawn. You can create a strong, tidy effect by creating a solid line where the grass ends and other features begin. It’s like putting a frame around a painting—while the artwork may be beautiful on its own, you can enhance its impact by visually separating it from its surroundings.

We’re careful with our edging to ensure we only take away as much as needed. We never leave excessive areas of dirt or mulch by only edging enough to make the grass stand out. Speak to a specialist to learn more about our systematic edging methods!

Professional Sod Installation

If you’re frustrated with the quality of your lawn and want a quick fix that will last, consider a sod installation. Sod is one of the most versatile lawn surfaces you can use, as you’re installing authentic, healthy grass where you can’t grow it naturally. Don’t worry about the time it takes for your seeding, fertilization, and watering to take effect on dry and yellow areas of your lawn. With sodding, you can have lush and green grass immediately.

You’ll get the best sod installation team in Lake Worth with us. We’ve been working with various types of sod for years and will be able to identify the best type for your property and needs. We’ll even help you maintain the lawn after an installation so that you can have durable benefits. Contact our specialists to inquire about our sod options, and we’ll get started on your greener lawn together!

Your Source for Professional Lawn Care

Healthy, lush lawns don't just appear. They require time, work and regular attention, often more than most people are willing to give. At Nunez Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc., we care about giving you the beautiful landscape you deserve without all the hassle that goes into maintaining it.

It's essential to follow an annual lawn maintenance program that promotes deep root growth, fights weeds, provides proper nutrients, addresses insect infestations and lawn diseases in order to promote and maintain a healthy and vibrant lawn.

The best weed control is a thick, healthy lawn. Take advantage of the following lawn treatment services our professionals offer:

  • Fertilization
  • Over-Seeding
  • Soil Conditioning
  • Weed Control
  • Disease and Fungal Control

Meticulously Maintained Lawn Equipment

For Unparalleled Results

Nunez Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc. invests in only the best—and our lawn equipment is no exception. We use professional-grade mowing equipment, regularly inspected, and impeccably well maintained for quality control.

A dull mower can tug and hack away at grass. It can rip grass by the roots, causing significant damage that can cause your lawn to yellow or brown and look raggedy. At Nunez Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc., we frequently sharpen our blades to ensure they slice through grass with no resistance, ensuring an even and consistent cut that keeps your lawn in excellent condition. That way, we can keep your lawn looking its best, ensuring it stays clean and pristine at all times in the growing season.

Lawn Fertilizer for Healthy Grass

Fertilizing your lawn is one of the best things you can do to increase its health and beauty. Well-fertilized lawns require less water and weed control, withstand environments with lots of movement and varied climates and appear greener than lawns in need of nutrients.

The professionals at Nunez Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc. will apply the correct amounts of fertilizer at the right times to take the guesswork out of your lawn maintenance. We'll ensure your lawn reaps the full benefits of receiving each of our lawn care fertilizer applications. Call today to set up your lawn care service for grass fertilizer.

Lawn Treatment: Over-Seeding

This important step to maintaining a lush lawn is often overlooked or ignored. Over-seeding helps fill bare areas of your space, maintains youthful grass and increases a lawn's full appearance. Over-seeding can also help increase a lawn's resilience to different weather conditions.

At Nunez Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc., we perform thorough lawn inspections to assess your lawn’s condition and see how full it’s growing. If we find it needs a boost, we can offer a range of options—including over-seeding—to help it look and perform its very best. Contact us to book an inspection and discover what a difference we can make for your lawn.

Soil Conditioning for Optimal Lawn Maintenance

Trying to grow new grass or plants from poor soil makes it almost impossible for plants to thrive. Grass is no exception. We condition your soil to make it easier for your lawn to absorb the nutrients in the ground.

We offer a full range of soil care services to improve growing conditions and maximize nutrient uptake for your lawn and landscape. Our years of experience help us develop real, lasting solutions to your precise problems, ensuring your lawn can look its best for years to come.

Our soil care solutions can mitigate pests and root rot. It can also increase the soil's ability to absorb and distribute water, resulting in less water usage and more money in your pocket. Conditioning your soil can improve poor soil or help maintain good soil, ensuring your lawn has the tools it needs to look its best all year round.

Expert Lawn Aeration Service

How will you know when you need lawn aeration service to improve the quality of your yard? We recommend aerating once every year and, in some areas where heavy clay in your soil is a factor, we recommend using this service twice per year, on a case-by-case basis.

Aeration is the solution to compaction, which occurs in high traffic areas and other spots where the soil has been packed tightly down. This type of soil is not compatible with nurturing lush grassroots, so it's important to aerate to improve soil quality.

To do this, we use advanced aeration machines that allow us to work quickly to remove small pellets of soil from your lawn. These tiny gaps allow more room for your grass to stretch out its root system, meaning it will have access to more water, nutrients, and space to thrive.

Quality Lawn Dethatching

Are there bare spots on your lawn that are struggling to grow? Perhaps it is time to consider lawn dethatching. We'll inspect a small layer of your lawn to see how healthy your root and thatch system is.

A layer of less than half of an inch of thatching is an ideal place for blades of grass to thrive. Anything over one inch and you're going to have problems getting fertilizer to reach root systems, and roots could grow shallow, leading to issues with burning during sunny weather.

We use top-of-the-line dethatching machines to make quick work of dead plant material. Reach out to us to set up an appointment for a consultation. 

Effective Weed Control

If weeds take over the greenspaces you own, we're the effective weed control solution you can count on to eradicate the problem. Since all lawns harbor different quantities and species of unwanted vegetation, a consultation with you would allow us to determine exactly what we are dealing with and the best plan of attack. Let's restore your lawn to the lush green space you've always wanted—contact us now for a quote. 

Quick Lawn Repair

Sometimes unexpected damage can occur to your lawn. For example, heavy machinery use during home renovations can sometimes leave tire marks in your grass. Other times, removing debris like unwanted shrubs and old trees stumps can leave noticeable gaps in an otherwise charming yard.

If you find yourself in need of lawn repair, we're the affordable experts who are committed to completing the job quickly and to your complete satisfaction. Don't hesitate to reach out for a comprehensive estimate.

Green Lawn Care Options

Our commitment to providing you with environmentally friendly lawn care options means you'll never feel pressured to use chemicals in your outdoor spaces. You won't have to! Phone our certified technicians for more information.

Affordable Custom Lawn Care

Customizing lawn care to your specific needs' means cost savings on your behalf. Don't pay for services you don't need, and never be surprised with hidden charges on your final bill. Our upfront estimates are tailored to your unique property, so you will always know what you are getting and how much you will be charged in advance of any work commencing.

Our goal is to make our yardwork services accessible to budgets of all sizes. Reach out to us to connect with a lawn expert who puts your needs first.

Lawn Care Services to Treat Disease and Fungal Control

Diseases and fungal infestations can wreak havoc on your lawn, leaving bare, thin, or dead spots which can open areas for weeds and insects to take hold. They destroy the health of your grass and can be hard to identify and control. Our lawn care services treat diseases to help your lawn stay thick and healthy. Call us to find out more about our lawn treatment options.

Lake Worth Pest Control for the Best in Lawn Care

No one likes pests invading their area due to fungal infestations. We can help control and remove many common lawn-damaging pests. This not only improves the quality of your landscape but also protects your home from invasion.

We offer comprehensive pest control solutions for all types of invasive species that may have made a nest in your lawn. Ants, wasps, weeds—whatever’s inhabiting your lawn, you can trust us to remove it with speed and efficiency.

What's more, we go above and beyond to provide our service at competitive rates and with the highest standards of customer service. Our many repeat clients have come to trust us for quality lawn care each and every time.

Protect Your Lawn with Nunez Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc.'s Yard Maintenance Services

Starting a new landscape is no easy task. Not only does it take much planning, it can be very costly and time-consuming. After spending so much time, effort, and money on creating a beautiful landscape, our yard maintenance crew in Lake Worth can help you have a return on your investment.

Maintenance is easier than reforming an overgrown, struggling landscape and can save you a lot of money in new plants and grass seed. Call our yard experts today at (863) 824-0600 to take your first steps in keeping your lawn lush and full.